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Tour With Daphne Lee Martin — 2/13-3/2

I’m off on the road with the wonderful Connecticut-based singer/songwriter Daphne Lee Martin. If you’re in or around any of the following spots, come and say hello - I’d love to see you!

2/13: Old Lyme, CT @ Bee and Thistle Inn
2/14: Westerly, RI @ The Knickerbocker Music Center
2/15: Highlands, NJ @ TheChubby Pickle
2/16: Washington, DC @ Studio Ga Ga
2/17: Myrtle Beach, SC for a house show! (message if keen!)
2/18: Athens, GA @ Ted's Most Best
2/19: Decatur, GA @ Waller's Coffee Shop
2/20: Augusta, GA @ The Fox's Lair at Olde Town Inn
2/22: New Orleans,LA @ TBA
2/24: New Orleans, LA @ The Neutral Ground
2/25: Birmingham, AL @ The Nick Rocks
2/26: Nashville, TN @ The Bowery Vault 
2/27: Louisville, KY @ Lettersong Calligraphy Studio and Gallery
2/28: Lexington, KY @ Lynagh's Irish Pub
3/1: Pittsburgh, PA @ Hambone's
3/2: NYC @ Rockwood Music Hall (stage 1)


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