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MIRACLES OF MODERN SCIENCE performs "Fidget" as part of the YouTube Music Foundry. More vids from Miracles of Modern Science HERE!

Having played together for more than 11 years, much of my professional musical career in New York City has revolved around my work with Miracles of Modern Science: writing, recording, touring nationally and internationally, and its general business operation. MOMS has received critical acclaim from the New York Times, NPR, Wired, SPIN, MTV, and Huffington Post, among others.

I feature on violin and backing vocals, alongside Josh Hirshfeld (mandolin and backing vocals), Geoff McDonald (cello and backing vocals - past), Kirin McElwain (cello and backing vocals), Tyler Pines (drums - past), Serge Terentev (drums), and Evan Younger (lead vocals and bass).

Together, we play meticulously crafted high-energy orchestral pop. We've released two full length albums: Dog Year (2011)Mean Dreams (2015) 
and a short EP in between: MEEMS (2013)

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"Destitute" for MyMusicRx at Newport Folk Fest 2017. MyMusicRx delivers the healing power of music to kids facing cancer and other serious illnesses. More vids HERE!

Since being introduced by the inimitable curator of Mecca Lecca and all round stand-up gent Jonny Leather in 2012, Christopher and I have had an ongoing association. I've had the great pleasure of playing alongside this virtuosic force of nature live in national and international tours, internationally recognised festivals such as the Newport and Winnipeg Folk Festivals, as well as on his last three albums.

We play American folk, but draw on a range of traditions to move dynamically between moments of whispering beauty and fiery intensity.


Daphne Lee Martin

I first met Daphne when she hosted me and Christopher Paul Stelling while on tour. I remember her cooking us one of the nicest meals I've had, let alone on the road. As a touring musician herself, she understood the rarity of a solid meal and comfortable accommodation - and that the likelihood of these coinciding borders on the mythical (and proportionally appreciated!).

I've had the pleasure of playing with Daphne Lee Martin on numerous occasions over the course of several years since then. Her unfailing dedication to her craft has not gone unnoticed among the musical cognoscenti, earning her the honour of New England Songwriter Of The Year in 2016.

I have had the privilege of recording violin for her on most tracks of her forthcoming album Scared Fearless, planned for release later this year.



I was invited to write and record strings for Michelle Wake's debut full length album, To Disappear, at Thump Studios in New York City by Chris Peck who I know from recording with Christopher Paul Stelling.

Michelle and Chris generously allowed me extraordinary creative freedom in putting together the string parts for this project, and the result is something with which I'm very proud to have been associated.

I feature on most tracks, and the album has already received great praise. I highly encourage you to check out this beautifully rich and smokey trip hop experience.



Whether it be pop or classical, every now and then I like to put together a cover/arrangement and video of something that's been on the brain.

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